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Here at Pet Stop of the Foothills, we care for our customers as much as we do our own pets. We are dedicated to providing a superior service in the pet containment and invisible fencing market.


GentleSteps Training

GentleSteps Training

Keeping pets safe in the yard and away from danger doesn't have to be difficult or stressful for you or your dog. GentleSteps training is the perfect marriage of product technology and the latest soft touch training method to quickly and easily familiarize your dog to their invisible fencing system.


Invisible Fence Installation

Construction today is filled with underground wires for cable, electricity, telephone, and many other home enhancements. That's why you need an experienced installer to ensure your system will be installed properly without causing signal problems or areas where your system will not work.

Continued Service

PetStop Service

Service after the sale! I service all brands of pet fences, from locating and repairing damaged wire, to diagnosing malfunctioning transmitters and receivers. If replacement is necessary, Pet Stop products are compatible with most brands sold today.

Battery Plan

Petstop Battery Plan

Nothing is more important to the successful operation of your system than the battery you use in the receiver collar. By buying batteries from me you are assured of always receiving a fresh and tested battery that's right for your collar. I guarantee every battery I ship.

Our Products and Features

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Our Products
  • - Ultraelite Receiver
  • - Ultramax Receiver
  • - Transmitter
  • - Batteries


Product Features
  • - Temperature Safe
  • - Digital Display
  • - Compatibility
  • - Customizable

Your pet is like no other in the world. You know each charming look and goofy quirk, every whine and woof. While Pet Stop of the Foothills can never know your pet as well as you do, we do know your breed. That's important because managing any pet properly requires equipment customized to the size, temperament, and habits of each dog - especially yours.

At the heart of our system is the smallest, lightest, fully customizable collar on the market. Our series 2 UltraElite Receiver was developed by the most experienced engineer in the industry - a man who holds more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers. The result is a simple masterpiece for keeping your pet close, comfortable, and perfectly safe within your yard.

A common misconception about pet containment systems is that they are only for the yard outdoors. Our Pet Stop invisible fence system brings the benefits of this technology indoors, too. Pet Stop is a wonderful way to keep your pet close and safe both inside and outside your home.

Your pets are family to us too!

Our pet friendly invisible fencing service and installation will put a smile on your face as we help your beloved pets get the freedom they deserve and want. Patrick Hawks, an authorized Pet Stop dealer, provides free consultation. Don't delay. Contact him today to find out how to turn prisoners into pets!