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We Set Dogs Free

I have always been a dog lover and hardly remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one dog. From the finest pure bred, to the well honed hunting breeds I’ve been afield with, and even to the lowly mutts, I’ve loved them all. However, throughout my life like most dog owners, I’ve had my pets chained to trees and confined to kennels of various sizes. After purchasing an underground fence for our Golden Retriever, Zeke, my life changed. Zeke had the run of our yard and truly became a part of our family. Later, I got into this business. It has not simply been my business plan, but my mission in life, to free as many dogs as I can from their kennels and chains, to enhance their daily interactions with their owners, and to truly make them part of a family. Dogs confined to small spaces are really just prisoners. With the best equipment and training, we set those dogs free and turn prisoners into pets.

Our Values


Realizing that our customer’s time is very valuable and hearing complaints for years about contractors and service people who are always late, we are determined to be on time if not even a little early for each appointment.


We have a deep love for our pets and realize our customers feel the same about theirs. Therefore, we are passionate about keeping pets safely contained and take the responsibility very seriously.

Providing Value

While our company is our livelihood, we are still determined to provide more value, better service, and better pricing than our competitors, always going above and beyond.


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Brian & Deborah Barker
B. Fussell
Van Tucker

Patrick HawksMeet Patrick Hawks

Patrick Hawks, owner of Pet Stop of the Foothills, attended NC State University and completed his degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science in 1984. After working in finance and sales for over two decades, Patrick needed a change. A Pet Stop franchise seemed the perfect marriage of Patrick’s love of animals and a passion for the outdoors. In June 2008, Patrick started Pet Stop of the Foothills. Since then his company has shown steady growth and a customer loyalty attributable only to his outstanding service and passion for pet safety.

Highly Recommended

Patrick and Petstop is highly recommendedWe quickly realized after adopting two puppies from the local shelter that we needed something to contain them in our yard. Conventional fences are not permitted in our neighborhood and after some research, we found the Pet Stop of Foothills and Patrick Hawks. The system was installed when our dogs were 4 months old. They are now 3 years old and we cannot say enough good things about Patrick or the system. The lifetime warranty was what drew us to them, but after meeting Patrick his personality sealed the deal. The training was hassle free and Josey and Gaby loved him! It is easy to see his love of dogs as he works with them. Since the initial training period, they have never left the safety of our yard. As they grew (from 4 month puppy to an 80 lb dog), they needed new collars, he was always available to come by and change them. Need batteries? Not a problem, for him to drop one by. The dogs still love him and usually jump in his truck as he works on their collars. We have recommended Patrick to all of our friends. It is definitely money well spent. It has not only kept our dogs safely in our yard, but also kept them out of trouble with our neighbors. We can't imagine the rambunctious puppy stage if they had been allowed to roam through the neighborhood. If we ever move, Patrick will definitely be the first person we call to install an underground fence.

Brian and Deborah Barker


A Great Company

Pet Stop of the Foothills is a great company. Patrick has fenced about 7 acres for us. Our dogs do great in it and I don’t have to worry about their safety. Their system is the best and Patrick was made for this job. He is honest, hard working and gifted at working with your dog. You won’t make a mistake by choosing Pet Stop of the Foothills.

B. Fussell


Petstop of the Foothills does a super job!

If you own an out-door dog that you really love and want to keep safe in your own yard and at the same time allow him all the liberties and freedom that you can, then you probably need an underground fence! I have tried many methods of keeping dogs in my yard for many years. I would highly recommend that you call Patrick with Pet Stop of the Foothills today. Patrick will install your fence neatly and train your pet thoroughly as well as call you frequently long after the installation has been completed! He went way above and beyond meeting my expectations in a good, quality fence that has been 100% successful for the three years that I’ve had it. My dog, Roscoe is a high-spirited and often tempted German shorthair, but has never once ventured beyond his territory! Patrick does a super job and his product is great!

Van Tucker