Pet Stop of the Foothills

Our Products

Pet Stop™ is a genuine pet fence system innovator. We have researched and developed the best pet containment system in the world. Listed below are highlights about our products. You'll see a few of the many features that have helped build the Pet Stop reputation as the "pet-friendly" choice. We also believe we're pretty doggone owner-friendly too!


Comfort Contacts

Comfort Contacts

Our uniquely designed, patented correction probes provide comfort and safety. No steel pins or exposed metallic probes mean that only soft rubber touches your pet's neck.

Low Battery Light

Low Battery Light

Our receivers come with a low battery light that lets you know when to have the battery replaced, so you don't have to worry about your pet escaping due to a battery failure.

Exclusive Stabili-Temp


Only Pet Stop® brand dog fence systems feature internal circuitry which provides stable operation over a broad range of temperatures. This provides a consistent boundary for your pet.

Invisible Fencing

Invisible Fence

The boundary wire (Electronic Pet Fence Line) is buried out of site to preserve the beauty of your landscape. Our system can be programmed for a variety of settings.

Our Products and Features

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Our Products
  • - Ultraelite Receiver
  • - Ultramax Receiver
  • - Transmitter
  • - Batteries


Product Features
  • - Temperature Safe
  • - Digital Display
  • - Compatibility
  • - Customizable

The technology in the Pet Stop system doesn't end with the Receiver collar. It's built right into the Transmitter and the Fence Line as well - giving you the safest, most secure and most customizable options in the neighborhood.

Take a look at the Pet Stop Transmitter and you'll see it's designed to let you know in the simplest terms that the system is working. Even better, it allows you to make adjustments in the width of the signal field at any time.

A common misconception about pet containment systems is that they are only for the yard outdoors. Our Pet Stop invisible fence system brings the benefits of this technology indoors, too. Pet Stop is a wonderful way to keep your pet close and safe both inside and outside your home.

Your pets are family to us too!

Our pet friendly invisible fencing service and installation will put a smile on your face as we help your beloved pets get the freedom they deserve and want. Patrick Hawks, an authorized Pet Stop dealer, provides free consultation. Don't delay. Contact him today to find out how to turn prisoners into pets!